Our second segment of the Essentials Series focuses on the Pencil Skirt, a long-time favourite here at Lousje & Bean that we did in both black and charcoal bamboo knit this year. It's a piece we turn to all year long, and for today's video Bean demonstrates why.

Shop L&B Essentials: https://lousjeandbean.ca/collections/l-b-essentials/Essentials

Shop Pencil Skirt in Black: https://lousjeandbean.ca/collections/l-b-essentials/products/l-b-pencil-skirt-shorter

Shop Pencil Skirt in Charcoal (NEW): https://lousjeandbean.ca/collections/l-b-essentials/products/l-b-pencil-skirt-in-charcoal

January 04, 2022

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