Last weekend Lousje took a stroll down memory lane and through the lakeside community of Port Dalhousie. Starting at the end of Vine St. and weaving their way down to a waterfront trail, Lousje and her partner Glenn trekked through the beautiful neighbourhoods along Lake Ontario. After passing the Dalhousie Yacht Club they rounded the corner into beautiful Port Dalhousie.
After stopping at Balzac's for a coffee break and exploring the local shops, Lousje found herself outside of a very special spot - her old studio and boutique. Now an ice cream shop, Lousje has seen the spot filled with many businesses since she occupied it in the 80's. Ironically, at one point a mother/daughter owned clothing store, Windsand, filled that very spot for many years.
Lousje operated her boutique, Pierrot, for five years, bringing out two collections every year. After those five years Lousje walked away from the business to raise her young family (she raised FOUR children!), eventually finding her way back to the fashion world with her daughter, Tessa, at Lousje & Bean.


April 29, 2023

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