Last weekend Tessa had a little getaway in Crystal Beach. The staycation was inspired by the desire to stay at a new amazing Boutique hotel, Hotel Philco, located right downtown. 
Owned by a young local realtor who grew up in Crystal Beach, Phil Smith, Hotel Philco features 7 uniquely themed rooms.  Tessa was lucky enough to stay in the "Garden Room". In each themed room they leave a gift for the guests and Tessa got a little sunflower kit to grow her own garden - perfectly on theme. Even the hallways were a nod to the history of the area, with old photographs of the town, including a lot from the amusement park that was there many years ago.
After checking in Tessa headed to Brimstone Brewery, uniquely housed in an old church,  for a drink and followed it up with dinner at 335 on the Ridge. Tessa was ecstatic to see businesses in the area packed with people, especially during off season!
Tessa's  brother Josh lives in Crystal Beach, a place Tessa has fond memories of being taken to by Lousje. Her brothers and her would spend all summer long hanging out by the beach. Now Crystal Beach and it's nostalgic streets, like "Hot Dog Alley", are experiencing a sort of renaissance with new businesses moving in and downtown being revitalized.
On her getaway Tessa wore the new Ever Sassy Knit Patch Dress paired with the Zsiska Heart Necklace in Red to bring out the stitching. On her night out on the town she wore her go-to Grizas Cowl Dress with the new Freya Necklace from Zsiska.
November 19, 2022

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