This week we're back to business and the first stop is to Toronto to our manufacturers and fabric supplier. We're never a fan of all work and no play so Tessa made a day out of it with her daughter Ruby.

Their first stop, as always, is Starbucks - a tradition Tessa and Lousje started on all of their work outings to Toronto. Then it was off to the fabric suppliers downtown to pick out fabrics for this year's designs. No surprise to anyone, Tessa immediately gravitated toward the animal print while Ruby was learning the ropes.

Next stop was the manufacturers where Ruby was put to work, carrying in rolls of fabric for the Spring line. To cap off their chilly day of running around Toronto, the pair stopped in North York to warm up with a bowl of ramen at Kanjiki Ramen.

Style notes: Tessa is wearing her Junge Eila Coat over the Ozai N Ku Blocks Dress topped with her go-to "Reckless Love that Chases After You" Scarf from Love's Pure Light.

January 06, 2024

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