For her birthday last month Lousje's partner gifted her trees for their new house. The house and yard are still in the early stages of their grand makeover, but new trees are a big part in making their outdoor space one they can enjoy year round.
A few weekends ago Lousje headed it Gauld Nursery, a little oasis tucked away on Mountain Rd. in Niagara Falls. Lousje had high hopes of finding mature trees, that grow fast with great shade potential for her sunny yard - and Jack was just the man to help. Lousje and Glenn settled on a Sycamore and a Shademaster Locust which were planted this past week.
Tune into our reels later today to see the entire process!
Lousje is wearing the L&B Bubble Coat and Love's Pure Light's "Leopard's New Stance" scarf.


May 13, 2023

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