Lousje was born and raised in Amsterdam, and living in a city where there are more bikes than there are people, you could say bike riding is in her blood. Not only does she love to bike around town, she's embarking on a biking trip along the Eerie Canal with her partner Glenn, a fellow bike enthusiast. Match made in heaven!
Because of her long history with bike riding Lousje knew if she was in the market for a new bike, she would have to go right to the source - Go Dutch a on Eglington in Toronto. Owned by Carlos and Bas (who's fluent in Dutch by the way), Go Dutch offers a wide range of bikes and e-bikes imported from the Netherlands. They were so knowledgeable and helped them find their dream bikes while enjoying coffee and stroopwafels - eventually settling on two beautiful brand new Gazelle e-bikes after a test drive around the city.
July 22, 2023

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