Last weekend Tessa and her partner Ryan headed south toward warmer weather and a "town" built with only one thing in mind - having a good time. The Villages, a retirement community in central Florida features 2,700 social clubs, nightly dance parties, golf courses, recreation centres, a performing arts centre and even several plaques dedicated to fictitious historical events.

Though Tessa & Ryan aren't quite the age demographic The Villages usually hosts, they traveled to the bustling community to visit Ryan's parents. During their stay the pair played tennis, pickleball, and never missed one of the famous nightly dance parties that take place 364 days a year. Tessa was shocked to see the tennis courts empty everyday, but the pickleball courts packed with players.

The duo were lucky enough to be there for Super Bowl Sunday and celebrated the good ol' American way - with pizza, wings and the infamous American commercials. Of all the exciting and joyful activities in the community, nothing compared to whipping around town in a souped-up golf cart - to which there was no limit to the variety or extravagance of the carts rolling through the streets.

Style Notes: Tessa donned her go-to black Grizas dress from last Summer, her favourite Ayala Bar necklace and her staple black denim jacket from Liverpool.

February 17, 2024

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