For Tessa, not much compares to a perfectly made scone especially when paired with afternoon tea. Which is why she was so excited when her friend Fiona not only offered to host her for tea, but to teach how to make scones.

Last weekend Tessa was treated to a masterclass in scone making by the owner of Fiona's Fancies, a local British tea catering service. Tessa met Fiona through their love of playing tennis, often together, and of delicious baked goods. 

Tessa, along with her friend Jenn, aproned up and got to baking, making lemon cranberry and raspberry chocolate scones. They sat down for tea enjoying tiny sandwiches, quiche, their scones and berry tartlets topped off with their choice of mint green tea or earl grey of course.

If you're interested in inquiring with Fiona's Fancies about their delicious services you can find them on Facebook at

May 27, 2023

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