We feel so lucky that one of the biggest tourist attractions not only in Canada, but the world is in our own backyard - and we love getting to experience Niagara Falls year round. Recently Tessa took her two children, Ruby & Oscar, to Clifton Hill with her friend Jono and his daughter Zeo. They were excited to find that Costco offers packages to enjoy several of the attractions at The Falls and turned it into a full day of adventure.
Many visitors to Niagara Falls come to see an amazing natural wonder or to lose their shirt at a blackjack table. Amongst the casinos and rapidly running water is a fever dream we know as Clifton Hill. Lined with arcades, ice cream and candy shops, haunted houses, and wax museums - Clifton hill has been a the best place to go to for a great time and a calf workout (the hill is surprisingly steep!).
Tessa and her crew hitched a ride 175 feet above The Falls in the Niagara Skywheel - an ideal place to get a view of both sides of the falls and take a break from the bustling tourist hot spot. They also visited the Movieland Wax Museum where they met a very still Jimmy Fallon and got chummy with the cast of the Simpsons.
If you've never been or it's been a while since you've scaled this eclectic street, Clifton Hill is something you have see to believe and there is so much to be enjoyed.
February 04, 2023

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