It may be no surprise, but our gal Lousje has just as impeccable a taste when it comes to films and food as she does when it comes to clothing. That's why it feels necessary to say, if she recommends a movie or a restaurant, you won't be disappointed if you decide to dine or watch in her footsteps. 
Last weekend Lousje traveled to Hamilton's Playhouse Cinema to see a film the way they were meant to be seen - on plush red seats with a glass of wine in hand. Though Lousje is no stranger to the plush red seats of the independent art house, she's always game to watch a movie she's never seen or even heard of before. This time she was treated to The Broker - a South Korean film that had the entire audience at the Cannes Film festival erupting in applause and a standing ovation for no less than 12 minutes.
After the movie wrapped up Lousje and her partner Glenn headed to one of their favourite spots, The Capital Bar on King St. East. Lousje picks up friends everywhere she goes - including the server, Derek, when they bonded over his mother being from Holland as well. Much to her delight, on top of their amazing selection of wine, craft beer and specialty cocktails, they serve dutch croquettes with mustard.
Lousje is wearing the Cut Loose Asymmetrical Cardi in New Leaf from their Fall Collection. New Cut Loose Spring cardis have just arrived in the boutique if you're feeling inspired by Lousje's movie night look!
January 28, 2023

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