If you've been visiting our boutique for a while, you'll know that we used to be located on James St. in Downtown St. Catharines. The hip street filled with shops, bars and restaurants is still a favourite spot for Tessa and Lousje to visit. You can often catch them gathering gorgeous blooms at The Watering Can, trying on endless booties at The Boot Shop or meeting a friend for coffee at Helen's Deli. 
Helen's Delicatessen hold's a special place in Lousje's heart. Family owned and operated, this spot has been a staple downtown for just shy of fifty years. Serving up delicious hearty lunches, mouth watering perogies and the best cabbage roles in town - you haven't experienced all of St. Catharine's until you've been to Helen's.
Recently Lousje sat down with her good friend Maja at Helen's Deli to catch up and talk fashion. Maja is local performer, vocalist and one half of the musical duo, Rusty & Maja. She arrived for her date with Lousje decked out in retro Lousje & Bean - the boiled wool vest from a collection they created a decade ago. In their years long friendship Lousje has often collaborated with Maja to plan outfits for her various performances and events. The ladies shared their usual, poppy seed cake, while discussing outfits for Maja's CD release party this weekend at Mahtay Café & Lounge.
If you're looking for something exciting to do this weekend and want to support some local artists, Rusty & Maja's CD release party is tomorrow January 22nd at 2pm at Mahtay Café. You can learn more about it HERE


January 21, 2023

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