Living near Niagara Falls, we're no stranger to over the top New Year's Eve celebrations. Niagara residents may be surprised to learn that Québec City rivals our love of ringing in the new year with a bang - something Lousje had to experience for herself.


Lousje and her partner Glenn arrived in Québec City by rail in the final days of December. The bustling city of half  a million residents is one of the biggest tourist draws in the country for a reason. It's a little slice of Europe, a mini Paris to be exact, right on the St. Lawrence River.


A city that gives new meaning to the phrase ,"Uphill both ways," has many hidden treasures and a rich history embedded along it's inclined streets. Lousje was in awe of the beauty and architecture of The Historic District of Old Québec while on a walking tour. To no one's surprise her favourite area of the city was Quartier Petit Champlain - a shopping district filled with boutiques an artisans selling only Canadian made goods.


They visited the museum of Civilization - learning the history of New France, starting with the Indigenous People through to the explorers from Europe and into the province of Quebec as it stands now. Lousje particularly enjoyed the exhibit on the life of former Quebec Premier, Renée Levaque, a colorful political figure and journalist from the 70's and 80's.

Lousje and Glenn rang in the new year in the Grande Allée, a street lined with restaurants, bars, microbreweries, nightclubs and live entertainment. The km long street was closed to traffic to allow guests to take the celebration into the streets. Though the New Year's celebration was one for the books, Lousje's favourite part of Québec City (apart from the architecture) was meeting the friendliest people and indulging in the French onion soup and crêpes.

January 14, 2023

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