Last week Lousje and her partner Glenn headed down south to Savannah, Georgia. Known for their southern hospitality, beautiful plant life and historical architecture - Savannah is a city unlike any other.
Surrounded by the Savannah River the city is a hub for large ships carrying shipping containers. While on a harbour tour the pair saw many passing ships while learning about its rich history. Back on dry land Savannah boasts having one of the most prestigious art colleges in the country, Savannah College of Art and Design. SCAD offers a diverse array of courses (clothing design, film production, architecture etc.) with its eclectic students giving the town an artsy vibe that Lousje found palpable.
Like any city with such a long and tumultuous history, there are cemetery and ghost tours aplenty. As a bonus you can walk around the streets with alcoholic beverages - being one of only three cities in America where that is legal. The other's being Las Vegas and New Orleans. Lousje & Glenn toured a home built in the early 1800's, much like their own. They loved looking at the antique decor, lamps and even paint colours. The house was home to a wealthy family who had free slaves as in-house butlers, cooks etc. - an unusual thing at the time. The matriarch of the socially minded family, Juliette Magill Kinzie Gordon, even founded the Girl Scouts of the USA.
In typical Savannah style the pair sampled flounder and scallops while sipping on peach cocktails and ending their meals with peach desserts. They spent their days strolling through the 22 town squares dotted across the city, a popular attraction for visitors. Each square features either a fountain or a statue of an important citizen for the city. One of the squares even hightlights Harriet Tubman, a figure Lousje & Glenn are very familiar with from living in St. Catharines. On a trolley tour the pair were shown locations of many of the films shot in Savannah - Forrest Gump, In the Garden of Good and Evil, and May December to name a few.
Style Notes: Lousje always packs light, but had her tried and true staples tucked in her carry on. She donned her go-to Lousje & Bean Tank Dress, a black pair of L&B Emmy Pants, her pink Cashmere Clouds Wrap and her brand new chartreuse linen Grizas jacket.
March 09, 2024

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