A few weeks ago Lousje and her partner Glenn attended a magical evening at Chateau Des Charmes. Lousje's longtime friend Juliet Dunn (founder of the Niagara Jazz Festival) recently launched a "Secret Salon Series" - a monthly pop up of jazz performances. The monthly showcase is announced one week before the event, each time at a new location, and never disappointing.

The March performance took place in the winery's upstairs lounge, which they transformed into an intimate performance space. Roughly 40 guests sat in awe as Venezuelan performer's the Nicholas Mustapha Duo performed Latin jazz. This was also Lousje's first time experiencing the cuatro guitar, a unique sounding instrument from South America.

Juliet has been a true lover and supporter of Lousje & Bean from day one, even wearing one of their earliest designs to many performances over the last 18 years - including during this concert series.

Style Notes: Lousje is wearing the kelly green Grizas cropped jacket from a few seasons ago (and from Tessa's closet), and the L&B Juki Skirt from last summer.

April 06, 2024

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