Lousje's been in the Netherlands for three weeks and she did so many amazing things we've had to break it up into three parts! Today is part two of three, and today we're following Lousje and her partner Glenn on a little day trip.
Glenn joined Lousje after her first week in the Netherlands and they soon embarked on a train ride to The Hague. Along the way they encountered a very furry fellow rider who spent the trip looking curiously out the window. The canine tourist could ride the train all day long for just 3 Euros.
Once the pair arrived in The Hague they made their way to the Hotel Des Indes, a world famous luxury hotel originally constructed as a city palace for William Thierry in 1858.
Lousje is dressed head to toe in her favourites from the boutique - the L&B tank dress, a silk & linen jacket from Grizas and a trusted Love's Pure Light scarf.
October 07, 2023

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