Last week we lied when we said we'd be bringing you updates from Lousje's trip in three parts, turns out she had so much fun and had so many adventures - that we're going to need a fourth week to show you lovely ladies everything.

After Glenn arrived to join Lousje in the Netherlands the pair took a ferry to a sleepy medieval town south of Amsterdam where their romantic accommodations were awaiting them. Now, this Airbnb was a little unique -  the pair actually rented a sailboat for four nights. The notion of romance quickly jumped ship once they realized how cramped their living quarters were set to be for the next few days. After crouching under low ceilings and shimmying past each other for two days, the pair caved and rented a hotel.


After the getting onto dry land, Lousje & Glenn's next destination was Utrecht.
Known for its medieval center, tree lined streets and patios lining the canals, They braved the water once more and took a boat tour and then a self guided walking tour stopping along the way to enjoy patios and cafes.

Lousje felt nostalgic when she came upon an “Automatiek “, a wall with little boxed windows with all kinds of fried foods behind them (Bitterballen, croquettes, and sausages etc.) Patrons must put their money in a slot by the box of the snack you like and the little door opens. Lousje spent many afternoons in her high school years visiting these little shops, almost like their version of a Mcdonald's. She indulged in apple pie with whipped cream (a must) and enjoyed a dinner near the water while a flock of swans swam by making lots of noise.

Most of all she enjoyed reconnecting with her sisters and was thrilled to see them happy and healthy.

Lousje can be spotted wearing a vintage Grizas skirt, a vintage Grizas silk/linen jacket, her beloved Karen Gunna slouch belt, her Liverpool jean jacket, a vintage Cut Loose cropped jacket, and of course, a Love's Pure Light Scarf.

October 14, 2023

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