Last weekend your favourite cycling duo, Lousje & Glenn, hit the roads and the trails for an adventure. After departing from Glenn's house in downtown St. Catharines the pair made their way to Port Dalhousie. The lakeside town is a favourite among the L&B ladies and a treasured spot in the city we call home.
The crowning jewel in this very special part of town is the Lakeside Park Carousel. The Carousel has been a feature in this beach side community since 1870 and has been restored by the talented volunteers. Still just 5 cents a ride, old timey music still plays as you ride booming from an organ originally from Rochester, NY.
Of course Lousje couldn't resist taking a go around and around the carousel once they parked their bikes. They then headed to the main street for beers and snacks before hopping back on their bikes and making their way towards downtown again.


September 02, 2023

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