A few weekends ago Tessa trekked down to Toronto to see the men compete in the Roger's Cup at Sobeys Stadium. This is becoming a bit of a tradition for Tessa and her friend Jen, both players and lovers of the game of tennis.
This year the men competed in Toronto while the women competed in Montreal. Tessa was lucky enough to secure a weekend pass many months ago and was able to pop in to any matches she wanted to over the course of the tournament. The women stayed overnight at a hotel near Vaughn Mills where they spent their free time grabbing a bite and shopping for cosmetics.
On the Saturday she was court side at the doubles and singles semi-finals, returning to the stands on Sunday for the finals. Tessa was surprised to see the low audience turnout for the doubles matches, especially since she is an avid doubles player herself and enjoyed seeing their techniques.
The ladies basked the beautiful weather in the open dome and especially enjoyed the new app that allowed you to order food and drinks right to your seat.
August 26, 2023

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