In between all of the jet setting Lousje is spending her time taking in all the sights, and more importantly, the sounds of home. On Wednesday night last week she made her way to Downtown St. Catharines to see an old friend perform at Mahtay Café & Lounge.
Local musician, Rusty McCarthy, and his Blues band took to the stage, treating caffeinated guests to his sultry guitar licks. The night only got better as one of Lousje's best friends, Maja Bannernan, joined Rusty on stage to sing a few songs.
After the show Lousje took a stroll through the downtown streets, marveling at all if the big changes coming to St. Catharines. She couldn't believe the progress made at a new 80 unit condo changing the city's skyline on Carlisle. As a downtown resident she is excited for a much needed influx of residents in the core. With more people and places downtown the more culture and art that follows, showing up in the form of beautiful murals like the one of the corner of St. Paul and Garden Park.
Lousje can't help but feel fortunate to live in a city with so much happening even through the winter months.
February 25, 2023

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