Days before jetting off to Punta Cana (Out & About to come!) Lousje was in Charleston, South Carolina taking in the beauty of this southern city. Charleston is one of those destinations that has something for everyone - warm weather, ocean side views, stunning architecture, drool worthy restaurants and a historic landmark on every corner.
Lousje and her partner, Glenn, walked the cobblestone streets amazed by the charming homes, luscious greenery and the friendliest people they’ve ever met. Southern charm was everywhere they looked, from the rocking chairs at the airport to the wrought iron works affixed to many buildings.
This bright city does come with a dark past and still holds many reminders of a horrible time in American history. Charleston is the port city where many of the slaves landed and settled after being taken from Africa. Lousje took a walking your that brought them by Boone Hall Plantation - known for it’s vast gardens, remarkable oak trees and their commitment to education about the lives of the slaves that lived there in the 18th century.
Their tour also brought them to the Nathaniel Russell House Museum, known for it’s unbelievable 3 story spiral staircase. Built by a wealthy merchant and slave trader in 1808 - this house is a window into the lifestyle of the merchant class at that time. What struck Lousje most is learning about the role of women in the family. Aside from entertaining, embroidery, reading, and making music - they volunteered to better the plight of the poor in Charleston while 30 slaves were employed to look after the mansion and the occupants.
In modern times the city is home to vibrant people of every background and it’s reflected in their cuisine. Lousje dined on fried green tomatoes, jambalaya, grits and fantastic fresh fish. Some highlights included breakfast at Ruby Sunshine and some good old southern cooking at Henry’s on the Market.
Lousje walked away from this trip infatuated with the streets, alleyways, and antebellum architecture of the city - and with plenty of ideas for additions to her heritage home that is under construction.
March 11, 2023

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